Photonic3D is the most customizable and powerful resin printer software available. Packed full of features, Photonic3D has been designed from the ground up to be lightning fast, accessible, and open.


Getting Started

Welcome to Photonic3D. If you want to get started, the best way is to navigate to the Downloads and find what you need.

Once you are on your way to getting setup, check out the Docs to discover how to use Photonic3D for you.

While digging into Photonic3D, check out the Forum to be part of the community.

Look for more information on Photonic3D in our documentation.

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How to Contribute

Thank you for using Photonic3D. We welcome you to contribute to the project by submitting bug reports through GitHub, and/or submit your own code changes to the Photonic3D project for consideration.

Photonic3D on GitHub

If you would like to assist in creating documentation for Photonic3D, you can do so through the Photonic3D Documentation project in the Docs section (it's a wiki).

Photonic3D Docs

Once again, thank you for participating. We hope you enjoy using Photonic3D every bit as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Key Features

Photonic3D is packed full of features created to print high-resolution designs from a variety of formats with the absolute minimum effort and fuss

Web Powered

Photonic3D leverages the power of html/javascript to make your printer accessible from any browser.

Simple Layout

Simple user design gives you the power to create, configure, and manage printers as well as special printer features and functionality with Photonic3D.


Install on your laptop, desktop, or even raspberry pi. After installling, connect your device to the printer. Open a browser and use your printer.